The Wisdom Tree FIlm: A gripping mystery film, which blends science, art, music and mysticism
The Wisdom Tree FIlm: Sci-fi, Mystery, Spiritual, Drama
The Wisdom Tree FIlm: A mystery as complex as its times
Film Screenings + Q & A From April 24 to April 30, 2015 at Regal Fox Tower Stadium, Downtown Portland, OR Tickets @ the box office. For more information, please visit
In a meditative sci-fi journey, eastern spirituality, ethereal music, sublime art mingle mystically with neuroscience and quantum physics; entwining three lives, deepening a timeless mystery. For more information, please visit
We are pleased to share with you the voices of the media, and reflections of our audiences															"a seamless blend of quantum physics, spirituality, art, music and neuroscience... Fun to watch and challenging to everyday beliefs, you may find yourself watching this movie more than once."															-Light of Consciousness: Journal of Spiritual Awakening															For more reviews, please visit