Director's Note

The Writer-Director Welcomes You

Esteemed Friend,

On behalf of The Wisdom Tree team, I welcome you to this indie film's website. We appreciate your presence here today, and invite you to browse through these webpages... watch the film trailer, read the synopsis, or check out a few audience reviews

This journey commenced over seven years ago, on a scrap of paper. From concept to its completion, all that could go wrong certainly did go wrong. Made with an ultra-low budget, this indie battled many odds. Despite innumerable challenges, the dedication and passion of a team spanning four continents has brought to fruition a dream. We thank all volunteers, artists, advisors, filmmakers, and financiers.

A broad vision set in motion the making of The Wisdom Tree. To confine the film to a few genres would limit it. Timeless, it is as much a mystery, as it is a meditative journey. It is art, music, science, and a sci-fi. It is just as much a compelling human drama, as it is a spiritual experience. Call it offbeat, consider it experimental. In a moment it may strike a chord deep into unknown realms of the human subconscious, and in the next it may spiral you into the expanse of an uncharted and unfathomable universe. If presenting alternative, thought-provoking works is a goal of the independent film movement, The Wisdom Tree may well have fulfilled it closely.

The Wisdom Tree is a sincere effort - sans pseudo-science or instant spirituality, no gimmicks. Since inception, we aimed at presenting facts without distortion - not even under the guise of creative license. Indeed, we feel gratified with our achievement. This film draws from a palette... restrained performances, static camera, subtle sound effects, subdued music... choreographed for the desired effect.

In this information age, knowledge is at our fingertips and exposure vast. Today we enjoy intricate plots with stories that span across cultures, and seemingly diverse disciplines. We have dared to bring to you - our esteemed audiences - a story that is both riveting as it is compelling. The breadth, depth and minutiae of this multidimensional film should intrigue you... we promise.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Sunil Shah
Writer & Director