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For several years, Steve Hamilton, a self-conflicted quantum physicist has struggled to uphold and prove a groundbreaking theory that had ended his mother's career when she proposed it years ago! Now, Steve's research is also in jeopardy when a mysterious car accident leaves him in the throes of death! A chain of events brings Steve together with compassionate but unwavering neuroscientist Dr. Trisha Rao (Sheetal Sheth); and anguished FBI Agent Mike Parker, as they all get drawn into an intensifying mystery. However, not in their wildest dreams could they have foreseen what lay ahead!

Before long they're engulfed in clues snowballing from science, art, music, mysticism; and oddly, through a bizarre set of coincidences, from their own past, present, and future too! As they struggle to interpret a multitude of hard-to-comprehend events, every answer evokes a set of new questions. Caught in the maze, tranquil Trisha not only steers them across a longwinded, ever-deepening mystery, but also helps Steve and Mike overcome their deep-rooted fears and guilt.

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