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"It is one of the unusual films I have seen and certainly made me rethink reality. Overall a very enjoyable experience & great effort to using so many topics and inter-twine them into a finely made film."
-Niraj Desai

"Mind boggling! "what you seek is seeking you -Rumi" well manifested . Excellent production!"
-Ally Abdul

"Good creation, Thought provoking, good story, picturization, good cast."
-Leena Vyas

"Watching this movie reminded once again about what I always knew.. I feel that I have to enjoy what I always knew and what now I know that I always knew :)"
-Sorina Achim, Early Childhood Educator

"The film takes very complex ideas of western science and eastern and weaves it into a drama that illustrated and explored these ideas."

"The Wisdom Tree captivated me all the way through from the moment it started! I felt my own life journeys and reflections get activated during this wonderful film that did a great job at being a bridge between science and spirituality ..This needs to be on big screen too!"
-Ashutosh Sharma, Hospitality Industry

"An Immaculately created film! This film helps illustrate the profound truth/wisdom which the ancient Buddhists masters, poets, and seekers pointed at. I Am very impressed by how this film managed to show very different concepts in a visual manner."
-Shivankur Sharma, Photographer, Designer, User Experience/Interaction Designer

"Superb! Beyond brilliant! I could watch this over and over and still understand only a minute part of it. It is very deep and fascinating subject. Well done! Congratulations and looking forward to your next piece of work."
-Nigar Pilarski

"Original, thought provoking, some questions still unanswered. Background music superb! Acting is excellent.. Background scenes explain the concept in a better way."
-Mukesh Trivedi, Chartered Accountant

"Blew my mind! Yes, left me with more questions. Very perplexing!. hmmm... Thank you.. I liked the explanation at the end."
-Sandy Hoerkeney

"The film is a marvelous synthesis of spiritual experience and advanced scientific thought, and much more. It will help to open up, out of the box thinking and hopefully experiencing. Thank you all who helped to make it and bring it to us."

"The movie has inspired me to know more about retro-causality. Very thought provoking."
-Gary Siwicki, Retd.

"Brilliant, Mind blowing.. Need to see it over and over to understand it deeply. Loved 'From knowwhere to nowhere'"
-Tazium Bhanji, Social Worker

"Interesting and entertaining!"
-Scott W. Franklin, Retired Nurse

"I have always kind of got this when I was a child (not too long ago). I would think about the universe and feel absolutely crazy. Then put up the veil. Still confusing..but this film helps to put my non-verbal intuitive knowledge into a story I can better grasp."
-Wondu Reser, Psychiatrist(yogi), Artist

"Made us "think" things we all have thought before.. Re"know" things we have always known and feel things we know are innately true."
-Lisa Jacques

"Wonderful depiction of quantum physics on a scale far beyond our understanding. Created awareness on how little we know about our universe."
-Dawn Jenkins

"Nothing makes sense anymore. good job. Complicated and challenging ideas merged into an interesting film!"
-Annika Temp

"I loved it.. It was mystical, entertaining and somewhat different than what we see usually, I wish we have more of this kind of movies to watch!"
-Neetu, Orthodontist

"I liked the way abstract quantum mechanical concepts were given macroscopic form. For a low budget film the computer graphics and editing were very good! You gave physical form to very difficult concepts. I enjoyed myself."
-Siddharth GM, Computer Engineer

"The digital rendition of Everett's many world theory was absolutely beautiful! Lovely graphics. A lot of the deeper spiritual interpretations were beyond me but the quotes and excerpts at the very end helped me understand the concept of the movie better. I liked the idea of expressing ""micro"" phenomenon in a ""macro"" way."
-Saumya Braganza, Student

"I love everything about this film! It found me and I'm so happy it did.. Thank You.. Visually beautiful. beautiful music.. Beautiful intertwined subject! I can't express my thoughts in words.. simply thank you. Im going to tell everyone to watch."
-Melissa Paulsen, Homemaker(this is my hobby too)

"The film does a great job of introducing various theories of physics to the general audience through an interesting story."
-Jane, Student

"Much appreciate the visual/audio message on "What you seek, seeks you" and that parallel universe collapse on top of each other . Its more possible now. Best regards, I.O.W. things are random until you seek."
-James Phan

"Thank you for courageously living your Dharma.. Brilliant!"
-Lisa Carter

"I need time to absorb all that was conveyed in the film. So thought provoking & in alignment with the journey, I began 6 years ago ..so much to think about & explore on my growth path. Thank you!"
-Kathy Dennis Anderson

"Fascinating, mind boggling, beautiful and a bit confusing. We are ONE. All is a part of the ONE MIND"
-Kristin Rapp, Teacher/Therapist/Arts Administrator/Author

"A little slow at first but great, very interesting .. Good Job."
-Jesse Rapp, Being Great

"Fascinating brilliant hypothesis and explanation. Makes me think about fixed beliefs and how we affect each other more than we know. Thank you!"
-Jean Oswald, R.N.

"Brilliant! A concept that cannot be confined to words . Quantum physics demonstrated (as much as possible) in our present limited reality. Thank you! (Perhaps the raising of our collective consciousness could eliminate war and bring peace)."
-Kathy Green, Retired Nurse

"This was a fascinating movie! Excellent job, thank you for writing. Hope to see more wide screenings. All the best. You handled very difficult subject with ease :) "
-Swati & Jyoti Josh

"Eastern spirituality and theories of quantum physics brilliantly paralleled. Amazing, thought provoking, high quality production. Kudos to the team!"
-Chandana Reddy-Sinha

"I had a good time watching it, the pace was just right, the messages were consistent, the music and locations tied in well to deliver such a delicate message... It is very difficult to take a canvas so vast (Quantum Theory) and paint such an elegant picture. Thanks for the journey."
-Arvind Chinya

"Great Movie. I like the recap of events at the end so viewers do not feel some things got unanswered. Very clearly demonstrated links between left and right brains and how intuition is more powerful than logic, as it was many years ago. With the end of KaliYuga in 2012 and start of the Dwapar Yuga, this film clearly is the harbinger to whats to come next.. which is progress towards universal consciousness moving forward."
-Amit Inamdar

"There's always something new to be learnt each time you watch the movie... something different to focus on every time... which is great!"
-Malavika Jayasimha

"What a movie! All these years, I go to the theatre and watch a movie. This is the first time I "felt" a movie... Have you ever wondered why in nature the many plants and vegetables and fruits have so many layers or veins or colors? Just to tell us that you are not alone there are many more replicas and each replica has many more layers.... As you peel the layers of onion, this movie had so many layers that after peeling each layer you discover something new and still have not discovered anything.
All I can say to others is - Imagine a certain event in your life and replay those moments in your mind at different times and different places and the same event will feel different every time. The Wisdom tree movie needs to be watched and re-watched many times to "feel" (not understand) every layer of the movie."
-Pragna Dusankar

"Insightful with a depth that will leave me contemplating in days or even weeks to come. A creative way to share quantum physics and its application to chaos or not in this time and space. Thank you!"
-Irma Romero

"Wonderful - I read "the Tao of Physics" many years ago - and this refreshed my memory."
-Timothy Halloran, Electrical Engineer

"Very interesting. Now I know who is living in all these apartments!"
-Michael Koop

"Very interesting exploration of eastern & western plus sci-fi. Great cast, production, cast."
-Anita Sansguiri, Self Employed

"The director Sunil Shah has done and outstanding job with the subject at hand "QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT". A MUST WATCH for anyone who is a seeker, or has some deep interest in topics such as QUANTUM PHYSICS, PARALLEL UNIVERSES, LUCID DREAMING & SPIRITUALITY. Brilliant screenplay, thought provoking & extremely intriguing film. I am walking out in sheer awe in WHAT A FASCINATING TIME to be born to see a FICTION feature film around the most complex topics in the UNIVERSE? Kudos to the ENTIRE WISDOM TREE Team."
-Kapil Sahni, IT, Success Coach, Seeker, Passionate about Elevating Human Consciousness

"Truly gripping. Outstanding presentation. Thought provoking. Philosophical. Very immersive. Film making story is inspiring."
-Kasturi Rangam, Engineer

"Bizarrely Wonderful & thought provoking!"
-Murali Narsimhan

"I loved the artwork. The visuals were astounding. Makes me better comprehend psychedelia. Kept me intrigued and fascinated."
-Tahl Mayer

"Brilliant! Totally incredible story. The merging of ancient philosophy with quantum physics is incredible."
-Rajeev Char, Finance

"Novel integration of quantum physics and mysticism. Enjoyed the special effects - a real treat for the senses."
-Ryan Fallini, Program Management

"Mystical and riveting till the end. Nice confluence of science and art. Complements Gödel Escher Bach"
-Abhijit, Computer Scientist

"Deeply engaging and multi layered - Twists, surprises, evocative music and cinematography. Strong performances."
-Kay Grace

"Very well done. Tough topic to make picture on this subject. Suspense/Thrill kept you on the edge right till the end."
-Rishi Mehta

"An interesting film that delves deep into the mind and life - very creative!"
-Dan Wang, Entrepreneur (Tech)

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