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"Life is an illusion and we take it too seriously.. Well done film.. I like it. We can do whatever we want if we work on it. Accept the changes and stay in the present."
-Venilde G.Aguilar

"Very enlightening good way to present some different concepts"
-Kevin Hertz

"It was a wonderful movie. I would see it again. I enjoyed the music, it was very relaxing."
-Lourdes Gareia

"Lovely, touching film."
-Ernesta Vergara

"The viewer experiences his/her own limitations of the rational mind when watching this film. Thanks for the journey. Blessings Sunil and co-creators."
-Thalia Morin, Yoga Instructor/Public Health Researcher

"Very informative need more group discussions."
-Jim Tabak, Financial Advisor

"Excellent film."
-Tracey Lewis

"This was great! Every question created more of itself."
-Naomi Morton, Massage Therapist

"Is this life a circle? is life a cycle? The film brings many questions to mind, and maybe no questions at all in another universe. It makes one "wake up" and maybe make one "go to sleep" in another universe."

"Mind boggling! Raised a lot of questions."
-Alejandra Contreras, Accountant

"Your film is brilliant, thought provoking and begs one to soul search. To the depths of an abyss. I am grateful for your generosity of spirit in sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the world! Namaste!"
-Gail Cushing

"Thank you very much for your efforts and talents to show us the realities of our existence. We must have faith that all things work together for the good."
-Theakera Gher

"Thank you for bringing this awareness of "quantum physics" to the public. I have been fascinated by the theory of quantum physics for years and am currently reading "The Quantum Doctor" by Amit Goswami. Your movie is so well presented for all to grab hold of the wonders of "quantum physics" and all the possibilities. Good Luck in promoting your amazing film. Please keep me in the knowledge of your work."
-Annamarie Cauadeo

"The film was great. I am familiar with most of the concepts. So I didn't have too hard of a time with it. I kept thinking about 1. Energy+the role it plays overall 2. The work of Virginia Woolf (Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse) + how hard it is to portray reality one dimensionally even if trying to express it on multiple levels through film. I teach world religions at SUNY Old Westbury + mysticism my area of study at NYU. Science+quantum physics+religion=my area of interest. Thank you."
-Christine Keller

"Thank you for bridging the gap between science and spirituality and sharing your passion. You helped to understand very difficult subjects. You are stretching and expanding minds."

"Movie was very thought provoking. Opened up my perspective. Some of these things I knew already but it expanded its application into new unknown territory. Fun! Thank you."

"Thought provoking and a breath of fresh air.. We do exist in the quantum of this form is an excellent representation!"
-Aurora Lena Griggs, Energy Work

"Found the film to raise more interest in words I have been given such as "omniology""
-Karin Garcec, Houstic Jewelery Artist

"This is a film that can help open people's minds to better understand reality by exploring different possibilities. A mesmerizing and artistic creation. Beautiful to watch and quietly exciting. A film made for this time period of energetic change!"
-Janis Abrams, Teacher, Reiki Master

"The film raises interesting questions that seem to have no answers. Yet they need to be discussed in order to grow spiritually."

"It was a great film that spin my head in at least 8 different dimensions. The plot line helped explain a lot of questions that are not easily explained. I loved the mixture of art and music as well."
-Stephanie Vazquez

"I thought it was very well done - I enjoyed the film very much. Raising awareness. I loved it!"
-Terry Leone, Energy Therapy

"In the sound editing-I liked the effect of the sound from next scene being used in the current scene. Camera angles+lighting was pleasing, sound was crisp. Thanks for giving a film with so many unaddressed ideas."
-David Mahhken, Xray Technologist

"I am grateful for a visual version of the quantum theories expressed."

"Excellent film! Mind boggling, thought provoking! Very unique, one of a kind film.. loved it!"
-Bruce Sobel

"Enjoyed the movie. Was interesting to see how everything was brought together at the end."
-Pat Donahue

"Loved the film! I feel like I'll have to watch it a few more times to understand everything though. The music is really beautiful."
-Khushboo Shah, Student

"This was a very different and enlightening experience. I never imagined that I would be able to see a film that dealt with quantum entanglement. I would like to read a book that deals with me not mingling my mind. Thank you. Namaste!"
-Jeanmarie Lally, Classical Singer(Western Music)

"Something different exceptional.. inspirational quotes."
-Hemant Shah

"Wow! Incredible. As a creative person, I saw many connections parallel to my own life. Thank you!"
-Anonymous, Innovator/Visionary

"Amazing, spectacular, wonderful. A true insight. Very interesting and intelligent movie."
-Dharmesh & Ragini Shah

"The movie is very unique, I have never seen anything like this before. Although a little confusing, it was very interesting and riveting. The end blew my mind. The slides of information at the end of the movie were also very helpful."
-Shekhar Das

"Great movie. It was very interesting and very enjoyable to watch, raises a lot of questions and makes you think."
-Jay Shah

"Beautiful movie with realistic approach..would love more screenings."
-Chandni Nayak, Nurse

"Very good movie.. completely different concept.. retrocausality is a new concept that I learnt. Beautiful locations."
-Vinit Amin

"Interesting, confusing, implausible, but I think that was the point.. that the implausible can be plausible."
-Pam August

"It was a wonderful mystery movie.. people would want to watch it again and again."
-Lalit Patel, Self Employed

"Great concept, cinematography, music."
-Prerna Lele

"Great film/story and direction for new generation to have a second thought of life."
-Vijay Patel, Entrepreneur

"Excellent movie! I am impressed! Subject is very interesting & deep! I loved it. Thank you for making the film."
-Jyotsna Jagdish Patel

"Incredible movie, superb music expressed in Indian Ragas. I sincerely believe that all involved in this movie will reap good fruits of their efforts. Everybody should see and experience it. Nature is mysterious.. the things in present were in past and will be in future.. All the best!"
-Vikram A. Amin, Retired

"Fantastic movie. gripping till the end.. great blend of science, religion, physics & neuroscience - very unique. Good luck."
-Ranjana R. Patel

"Good movie, Interesting topic. Script, acting, music, cinematography great"
-Kaushal Shah

"What an amazing movie, very well presented, lots of deep thought has gone into it. So much of deep spirituality in it."
-Divyesh Shah

"Its perception based on our illusion of what life is, based on our different reality"
-Cecelio Johnson

"The film is unique in bringing together theories of parallel dimensions and doppelganger with quantum physics. Both linger on ideas of coexistence of maker in two states. I'm wondering if the theory of reincarnation of a soul undergoing rebirth to finish unfinished business can be examined similarly?"
-Basanti Chakravarty Das

"The Wisdom Tree is a journey through the mind, science and mathematics. The influence, insight and understanding it provides is astounding. I believe that this film will influence the next wave of scientists and inventors for the betterment of humanity."
-Richard N. Kunn

"Fascinating, spirit altering. This story covered so many aspects of humanity, spirit and the divine and the connectivities of all of these. A beautiful Experience! Thank you."
-Tammy Albers, Child nutritionist and Sexual Health Educator

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