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"Mind boggling!! An extremely complex subject presented in an artful way to help comprehend with a beautiful fictional story. Mystifying experience with soul stirring music. Amazing Amazing photography too. Great job all."
-Dinesh Khurana

"Insightful, meditative, beautiful, mysterious, one-of-a-kind experience, a beginning of a new journey, but still an extension of your existing one."
-Priyank Desai

"Loved It!
Thank you!
Inspired & am now looking forward to these talents future work."
-Maurissa Niles, Filmmaker

"Mind blowing story. Beautifully shot. The location, art & music were ethereal. Obviously a labor of love."
-Shankar Srinivasan, Engineer

"Beautiful cinematography! Mind bending + Provocative! 2 thumbs up!"
-Rogil Birco, Student

"The film was extremely well done. The visuals, the graphics - Sound, Music - the concept is definitely NEW!."
-Magdalena DelValle, Bank Executive

"Thought provoking film, stays with you long after viewing."
-Peggy O Neal, Aircraft Technician

"This movie is fascinating. It makes me want to read about the science behind it. The acting was great and cinematography & special effects too! Great work!!"
-Sumi Shah

"Most interesting. I enjoyed the uniqueness of the very close shots of the performers. I was able to study their thoughts, their feelings. They did an incredible acting job."

"Enjoyed it! What an engaging story! Loved it! Please make more movies!"
-Vinod Herur

"Very Interesting and gripping concept very well tied various concepts to explain few of the mysteries of this universe. Great work team!"

"Amazing performances that really draw you into the story. That Patrick Alparone is going to be a huge star."
-Jeff Lewis, Records Manager

"Very well made! A complex concept articulated in a beautiful interesting way."
-Rucha Dixit

"Great job! Awesome movie! Concept and execution Loved it! Thumbs up!"
-Archita Mandal, Filmmaker & Writer

"An intriguing movie! Acting, direction, and cinematography were superb. The special effects were amazing."

"Awesome movie. Unconventional movie with a mix of mystery, science, and music. Absolutely loved the story. Good luck!"
-Gaythri D, Engineer

"Wonderful movie. Kept me thinking of endless possibilities. Loved it."
-Tony Fong, Coach

"Amazing! Enchanting!"
-Sumeet Arora

"Very brilliantly made. Such complex concepts to be created on screen that was captivating and entertaining too! Sheetal was amazing as always!"
-Khanie Ha, Chinese Medicine Student

"I thought it was fantastic. It was thought provoking and incredibly, unique. I loved it!!"

"Loved the movie, very spiritual great concept and graphics."
-Pompa Mandal

"Excellent movie. Good editing."
-Kartikey, Architect & Jayshree Patel, Artist

"Great film, great efforts!"
-Sunil Dusankar

"I think I got it. Then I was confused. Then maybe a glimmer of light. Nope! Lost it again. Very confusing. Very entertaining. Very Complex. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Awesome work!"
-Mani Parkhe

"Loved the movie. Great cinematography, elements of humor and plot that carried the film along. Thought provoking! Loved how it all came together at the end!"
-Sandeep Kasargod/ Malavika Jayasimha

"Very cool new age thriller. Surprising. Blending Science and Spirituality in a fresh way."
-Eva Schiller, Tour Guide

"... the story was intriguing and, most importantly to me, I could not help but feel the movie had an impact on me...and one that has continued over the last 24 hours (and likely beyond). It clearly touched that hidden place of uncertainty about the nature of life's manifestation. And for that, the movie was a success..."
-Fred Campbell, Retired

"Intriguing topic. Handled creatively and with sensitivity."
-Sareeka Malhotra

-JaneMarie Cleveland, Museum Flack

"Congratulations to the Wisdom Tree team for making such a complex concept digestible in a story. I am so glad you brought the story to the screen to share with all of us."
-Dolly Parikh, Designer & Educator

"It is what it is! It is what it is! Maybe not! It is definitely not what it is! Then, what is it?? Come see the film to figure it out!!"
-Deepak Mohan

"So great! So lucky to be a part of the magic!"
-Christina Delvalle, Student

"Non-conventional movie, that is why it takes lots of challenge. Congratulations to the crew. Well done. God bless you. Good job all."
-Mukesh Yadav

"Director Sunil Shah, producer Renu Vora, and actor Patrick Alparone were present after the screening of the film (its first screening) on Thursday evening. In an intersection of ideas from quantum physics and New Age mysticism, the story is full of mystery: What is happening in space and time? Patterns and music are used with story to imply these dimensions, and if it's not clear, well, chaos is part of reality. With such challenging ideas, with references from the Upanishads to Oppenheimer's electrons, it is not an easy-to-watch film. Seeing it again, one could watch for hidden tributes to various scientists, artists, and spiritual figures."
-An excerpt from coverage in Khabar Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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