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"Oh my gosh! I'm so excited that this film is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD!! I saw this film two years ago when they had a screening in Somerville, MA. It was AMAZING! One of the coolest films I've seen in a long time. If you have seen and enjoyed "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and/or "Primer" and/or "Thrive"....THIS IS A MUST WATCH!"
-Melissa Paulsen, Healer, Reiki Practitioner

"In a beautiful integration of science, art, music and spirituality, The Wisdom Tree ignites a captivating curiosity as to how we perceive our reality and the connectedness of everything."
-Joni West, Oncology data abstractor

"This film is one I need to watch a few times to absorb the message! Lots of room for new thought and evolving wisdom. Well presented and filmed. Had the look and feel of a much larger budgeted production. Grateful for the vision, courage, creativity, talent and perseverance that manifested this film for interested viewers to see. Art, mysticism, spirituality and quantum physics...all of my favorites! Loved the film!!! *plus when I had a challenge retrieving a purchased download/stream the team was very prompt and helpful."
-Mindy Journey, Kindness Activist

"This movie is a delight for the creative mind! As a musician, I was immersed in the inter-connectivity of science, spirituality and art, and found it to be an utterly transforming experience. I have been talking about this movie to my friends ever since I saw it last week, and a second viewing only depended my resolve to write music that expands the listeners consciousness in the way this exquisite movie does!"
-David Byrd, Musician

"I have watched this 'awesome' movie, and will keep watching this so many times(every time i get different points), HIGHLY recommended. love it."
-Bida Javaid

"Incredible, meditative journey... haunting soundtrack... stillness intertwined within the screenplay helps one digest the true essence of the film -- remarkable rhythmic interplay of the "what is?"and the "what isn't?"... 3 cheers and 5 thumbs up"
-Amit Sharma

"I really appreciated the effective use of stillness in the film. There were many moments where you could have made cliched choices in your storytelling, but instead, you chose the more interesting option. Congrats on a great project! I can't wait to see what else you create in the future!"
-Henry Lee

 "The film did a very good job of explaining the different ways of looking at the same thing... you have made the Indian community in the US proud by your efforts. All universes exist as three dimensioned projections of a multi dimensional 7, 9, 11.. space at the same time. The ancients called it Lokas."
-Dr. Prakash Rao, President, Vedanta Society of North Texas

"Intriguing story uniting science and spirituality at the level of feelings in our lives. These stories are vital to tell in a world where intellect has been prioritized."
-Helen Pettiford, Educator

"Wow, wow, wow! If any movie should be seen this year, this is the one. For anyone even slightly interested or have ever had a question about quantum physics, you must see this film. It is beyond even beginning to explain, such is the nature of quantum physics. My favorite line in the movie is "chaos is part of reality, order is merely an illusion created by the mind."
-Christina Aananda

"The movie was beautifully made. The actors did a wonderful job, the ideas presented do need to be introduced into society. I believe in the chaos theory & multiple universes and was excited to see film being made to illustrate this. Excellent work!"
-Carmen Beadles, Human Resources Manager/Ex-Science Teacher

"Wow! What an amazing film. I will be thinking about this for weeks to come. The notion of chaos overlaid with seeming patterns is a huge concept!"
-Nancey Tresler, Math/Science Teacher

"What an amazing and important film! The ideas expressed are unprecedented and am sure have never been presented in such a way. I do love the idea of circular time and that matter is influenced by the mind. We have many webs to unravel from this film, many mysteries to discover.. uncovering the mechanism of memory and of consciousness is the next frontier, we have much ground to cover and uncover. I am glad you do acknowledge the beautiful repeated patterns of nature and how those are interconnected-to everything especially music. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS FILM! With love,"
-Mary Edwards, Interpreter

"An artful masterpiece unifying the reasons of quantum physics and personal reality."
-Jazz Singh, Filmmaker

"Intricate! The cast must have worked very hard to fill the roles. The comments about chaos and order seems to be relevant in our lives more than ever. Thank you."
-Gary Tollefsen, Lonngshore Man

"This is a starting point. The mind needs more time to process the ideas put forth. The biggest take-away is - if you think things are connected; they probably are. It would seem that university tours are ideal for getting interest because the students of the different disciplines are all present. I never took physics as a music major. Can I get credit now?"
-Laura Redenbaugh, Banker

"Remarkable film that integrates in a beautiful way quantum physics with spirituality. I think it would be a great endeavor to create a multi-part documentary exploring each major discipline in detail."
-Haneef Mohamed

"My heart often breaks at the seeming discrepancy between science and spirit (particularly being a scientist myself as well as a seeker). Thank you for providing an illustration of their union. Very well done! And thank you for the words after the film."
-Eli L. Polzer, Field Biologist

"I loved the movie. For someone who is just beginning my journey into trying to grasp the connections between our past, current & future realities, & how everything & everyone is inter related, I appreciate you taking the courage to do this movie. More awareness & thought provoking experiences like this will help to heal  the world. Thank You."
-Reena Singh, Naturopathic Doctor

"The subject matter of the film, using progressive thought and multidisciplines to weave the storyline was/is a wonderful concept to engage in continued dialogues along these lines. More films on quantum physics are in your plans I hope. Thanks for your 7 year personal departure...for following that path"

"The film was brilliant, a masterpiece, never seen before and above all, it had the ability to aim something in me no one ever in my 15 years of life had the capacity to do!"
-Sofia Poli, SSS - Student, Scientist, Seeker

"Thank you. This was beautifully created. It is lovely to see in a film what I've always believed. Visually, how did you make this flow so beautifully and coherent ?"
-Michelle Bailey, Psychologist

"Revelatory to the core."
-Grace Kong, Government Analyst

"Excelente! We are all each others "other self." "I am he as you are He as you are me and we are all together" -John Lennon "Love your Neighbor as yourself" -Jesus. We are all one divided into the many so that there may be union."
-Richard Barnes, Musician, Poet

"This movie was captivating every minute, every second, explains the "uncertainty principle" in form of story telling.. I will highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants the basic questions/mysteries of life to be answered."
-Somar K Das, Research Scientist

"It gives us a whole new perspective on time. The movie makes us question the universe itself. We begin to second guess everything we know because we don't know all the facts. Our way of seeing the world is based wholly on things we know at the time, but this movie shows us that we aren't always right. It raises many questions and is guaranteed to be on your mind long after you see it. It makes you think instead of just accepting the facts. This is the only movie I have seen that is just confusing enough so that you have to use your mind, but simple enough that you don't feel like giving up without understanding the plot."
-Umang Bansal

"An unusual film that engages many different aspects of human disciplines that are often solved and rarely included in a feature film. An impressive first effort thought-provoking movie. The emotional aspects of character development felt a little artificial/flat but I found it very interesting and well-made otherwise. It is rare to have a movie that addresses conceptual/intellectual and spiritual/emotional concerns so widely."
-Lara Charnew, Physician

"The Wisdom Tree Film begins as a common crime thriller, yet evolves into an exceptional experience into the works of Quantum Entanglement. While I have studied and read about the phenomenon of Schrodinger's cat, I have never seen a film that clearly depicts the way physics, can be experienced on a tangible phenomenon. Loved the movie! It gave me very much to think about!"
-Cameron Frisboc, Student

"The Wisdom Tree" is totally riveting, well balanced in action and intrigue. Sunil has done an outstanding job in portraying an extremely difficult concept. I am waiting for the official release so I can watch it again. This movie has become a reference for me to find parallels in my own reflections on the convergence of modern science and eastern mysticism. Congratulations Sunil and The Wisdom Tree team for making such a gripping movie."
-Dr. Sanjeev Munshi, Ph.D, MBA
(Dr. Sanjeev Munshi is a Director in the External Research and Licensing organization of the Merck Research Laboratories. Dr. Munshi graduated from Kashmir University, India with a BS in chemistry and physics. He earned a Ph.D. in molecular biophysics (Structural biology) from Indian Institute of Science, India. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in structural virology at Purdue University and a brief stint at National Cancer Institute, Sanjeev joined the Merck Research Labs).

"Exciting, interesting movie. The one line that stood out for me was about how a lot of energy is being spent to have our world show up as ORDER, instead of chaos. I am feeling a shift in my perception because of that. The consensual trance that we live in is keeping, I think, even more, way more, from our awareness than I can imagine. This movie drove that point home for me, and will affect how I approach life from now on."

"Independent Film making is an act of courage, more so when some one picks up a theme as in Wisdom Tree, complex & layered. The film has many plots & sub plots, reality & counter reality. At times the plot gets over powering — The way the plot unfolds and ends, all it comes down to is that either you believe all this as truth, myth, or reason it as improbable — it is Experiential — the truth of connected-ness of life & energy, continuity of life and death, inter linked lives, faith — just the vastness & depth of of ideas buried is such that each one of us has to mull over it to come to some conclusion, that is if any ! There are also the professional rivalries where the well being, the progress, ethics takes over the egoistic ambitions. Yet, those the likes of Doctor Trisha with faith in the inner voice & quiet determination do not deviate from their noble path. The best part of the movie is the Sound Track — soothing & uplifting — The movie begins with the Sanskrit Shloka, ends with Dr.Trisha & Steve in Meditation — suggesting that the answers to questions raised are to be found in silence, exploring our inner depths — where complex on surface is simple in its truth — !
Well directed movie, acting the best emoted moments are the ones where Steve's Mother explains about Steve, how he needs to free himself — is this not the sum total of our existence — freedom, — freedom from one self, the bondage in which we choose to stay — Like any good piece of Art — the movie points to many facets, disturbing our passive equilibrium. Answers are our journey — that is why this is a movie that grows on you, the more you think the more there is for you to dive in. This is a movie only for serious minded. I commend Mr.Shah for his courage & thinking outside the box ! Over all a well done movie —"
-Vimal Nikore, Atlanta.

"The Wisdom Tree perfectly combines classical Indian Music with a science fiction story, and it creates a very relaxing atmosphere for audience. Despite the plot being mysterious and powerful, I felt free from anxiety and worries after I watched the film. Watching the movie was like enjoying a meditation session because I was hearing the beautiful voice of the artist throughout the movie.
Most importantly, I realized that I didn't have to feel stressful about seeking for a successful life that other people have defined. With its dramatic blend of Quantum Physics, neurology, and spirituality, the movie gives me insights in focusing on myself and my own progress."
-Joyce Li, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"It's a beautiful attempt to bring a very complicated subject to the audience about mysticism & quantum physics, about cause & effect, about future & past and how the space & time can be related in this physical world. Not only have they handled, the complex subject of science and mysticism with great aplomb.... on the cinematic front it beats any crime thriller ....Congratulation folks!!!"
-Surinder Dhar

"A compelling film that made me think about the quotation. ""What is the nature of reality?"" as well as the futility of trying to answer that question."
-Gary Shaw

"The film is marvelous.. it poses questions either we all have, or have wanted to bring to same surface conversation. And then.. it gives answers that leave room to ask more questions. No small feat. Why are we here.. what is reality.. how are we connected.. we just warmup to the questions we can find under "The Wisdom Tree". Thank you."
-Marc Weicman

"Beautiful, wonderful, insightful. Diverse in its interdisciplinary scope. Inspiring! So much to cover, & done so well! The nature of reality is malleable, infinite & one!"
-Brian Kurtz, Healer

"A brilliant representation of the complex concepts of the collective consciousness, human ascension to our multi dimensional universe and the inter connectedness of all things. Very mind expanding! Thank you for creating this!"
-Megan Schaubhut, Dental Assistance

"Underlying theme is too beautiful for words and often what consumes my mind. One of my new favorite movies. Namaste."
-John Treffalls, Neuroscience Research Assistant/Student

"The film is thought provoking and could begin a journey for someone who is exposed to these theories for the first time."

"Loved the Film. It had all aspects; Cultural, Scientific, Neuropsychology, Spirituality, & Mystery. Kept me Interested !"
-Annette, Student

"This film was insightful and brought vision to some of my deepest thoughts and wonders. It incorporated science w/ magic, with spiritual beliefs and wonders. It explores the idea that many do not understand or take time to think about . Not everything needs a reason but for many it does. Sometimes we need to sit and let our souls and mind feel. The quote I enjoyed - "Somethings can not be seen, smelt or heard. It needs to be felt." I am a strong believer in this."
-Victoria Shannon, Counselor

"The pace of the movie forced the viewer to be present and to be in the movie rather than to merely observe and be carried along by suspense. TWT is an invitation to allow the reconfiguration of our thought process and to be translated into a higher form without fear."
-Leah LaChapelle, Awakening Coach, Author, Internet Radio Host

"The film covered many ideas and theories, its rich in content to be watched over and over again. Thought provoking while enjoying a pleasantly entertaining storyline. Great acting, good dialogues, especially about out of nothing evolves something and the energy go to future back to past. Good visuals."
-Joni Clark, Teacher, Special Educator

"A very deep and thought provoking film that I have ever been introduced to in my life . I can better understand the relationship of life and death. It was very well put together with story line, soundtrack, and physics into the art of cinematography. This puts my life into better understanding; we are forever evolving & changing. Thank you for making this film."
-Anna E. Stasiak

"This is a mind blowing movie. A breakthrough in the movie industry. Like the movie, "what the bleep do we know?" Congratulations!!"
-Dr. Jens Heinecke

"An ambitious yet successful effort to explore onscreen many of the deepest questions that reside in our hearts and minds. The film introduces complex theories and ideas through an engaging storytelling. Impressive. A great film for mystics and seekers of all backgrounds...highly recommended."
-L.Hillman, Physician

"Great movie. Extrapolation of Quantum phenomena to the Macro World."
-Raj Jaswa, Inventor

"This is a beautifully conceived and accomplished work of art that not only entertains but stimulates the mind - both conscious and sob-conscious. To further wisdom expansion and understanding as well as more questions + possibilities. Thank you all the people behind this film."
-Francis X. McCanthy, Actor

"The Wisdom Tree is an outstanding work that sheds layers of illusion and helps unfold universal consciousness. Sunil Shah presents universal teachings as found in Hindu Scriptures, Jain Theory and metaphysics and has transformed them into a compelling, high concept story. At the same time, he dives deep into mysticism in a way that has never been done before. Highly recommended to make you ask question, think and grow."
-Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh, Founder of Siddhayatan Tirth

"It makes people think. I simultaneously want to fall asleep and search inside myself. I found the story compelling, fascinating, and well developed. My mind was opened, but simultaneously already open. I like the details and attention to explanations. Loved the movie!"
-Jessica Flym, Student/Teacher

"I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.. The Wisdom Tree is amazing! I actually believe in this reality of levels of life and to see this movie just gave me chills to think, this can exist."
-Ashley Bhanji, Project Manager

"It is difficult to explain the complexity involved in quantum physics, there are no 'simple terms'. However this film uncovers the mystery and through the events that occur (and have yet to occur) the viewer can gain some insights to these complex theories. I enjoyed the film immensely. It was mentally engaging and challenging, yet the storyline helped contain quantum physics to an understandable narrative."
-Samantha Richardson, Accountant

"A thought provoking and wonderful film that touches on complex concepts in a way that is extremely accessible to people of all backgrounds. Congratulations on a beautiful work of art. I sincerely hope that you are able to touch many people with this film and spark discussions."
-Aleeza Janmohamed, Teacher

"This movie really refined the reality so dear to my soul that NOTHING is insignificant - all reality from the ant on my arm to the nebulae through Hubble. It made me realize also that while observing a single flower even though seems chaotic, all is NOT random. In peace and serenity always."
-David Dornford, Counselor

"I highly recommend, please do watch THE WISDOM TREE, darn worth it. All I can say is...Great movie, big time. Mind-boggling. Stupefying. Complex. Cryptic. Perplexing. Out of this World. Remarkable. Splendid.
Bravo. Much thanks to you for giving us phenomenal-extraordinaire movie. Different. Sheetal Sheth as Dr.Trisha Rao-in her one of the great performances."
-Annie S. Santos

"Thanks for developing this film for us. I found the film to be entertaining, while being also thought provoking. It was also visually beautiful."
-Elisabeth Minthorn

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