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"I loved it. I was on the edge of my seat from minute ten onwards. I want to purchase it to show to my friends and family. Thank you for making such a beautiful and intellectually stimulating film."
-Rebecca Drown, Student

"Intriguing, gives me a better feel for the world view of all possibilities being true at the same time. Bends my mind to try to understand it - but as it points out, its ok to have more questions and to not have answers."
-Peggy Pollad, UCSC Interfaith Grad International Students Inc. Staff

"Thank you for bringing those views to light, may your film make great changes in the world. We are one."
-Barbara, Artist/Life Coach

"Wow! Great movie, great delivery. So creative the way it all tied together. Awesome & thank you for spreading this information."
-Liz Glasgow, RN, Past Life Regressionist

"Mind blowing. Great thought provoking."
-Catherine Daniell, Psychologist

-Trish Dass

"Opens the door requiring more study - will visit your website. Thank you!"
-Susan Boulden, Retired

"Nothing but Powerful."
-Don Rupent

"Beautiful production. Thought provoking to say the least!!"
-Rosa Vitola

"Excellent - Very Wonderful!"
-Karen Langley

"Very thought-provoking. Good presentation of complex ideas."
-John Flowers, Retired

"Fascinating expression of an expansive possibility. Thank you for the Q & A session!"
-Kay Flowers, Retired

"Make Sure to 'Protect' your ideas - Copyrights! Allow Robert Redford to enter this film in his "Sundance Film Festival". It is very timely for the world events. "Necessary" to be seen!! An Excellent Film! Current! Inspiring!"
-Dr. David Barrelier, Dentist

"Excellent film. Thought provoking."
-Jean McCrary, Teacher

"OUTSTANDING representation of the leading research in modern Quantum Physics demonstrating infinite potentials and how our Lives are far more impacted by physics than we are able to perceive."
-Rex McCrary, Retired Real Estate

"Wonderful Work - Explaining through a simple yet sophisticated intertwining of realities, profound knowledge & questions raised by science & spiritual facts. This film leaves you to ponder concepts. Evolving beyond limitations of daily lives. Thank you."
-Helene Boucher, Entrepreneur

"This film has forever changed my view on space-time and just about everything. This film is a must see, and should be in every household."
-Shilo Wilson, Actor/Singer

"Beautiful, mind blowing movie. Thanks for bringing Quantum Physics to the public. It makes us wonder about all we don't know, more questions than answers. A must see."
-Micheline Corteville

"Wonderful plot to the movie!"
-Kaye Tollefsen, Longshore Woman

"Very thought provoking movie. Well acted. Great story line. Great special effects."
-Deborah McHugh, Homemaker

"Very wonderful film. I thank you for making this movie. I hope that this film will get National coverage as many people need to understand that there is more to this universe than what they now believe. Thank you for helping to wake up many. I appreciate your hard work!"
-Donna Swanson

"Absolutely brilliant!"
-Joni McSpadden, Educator

"Deep, Great Actors. So Thought Provoking. Such Great Faces, Thoughtful. I Loved IT. Wish More Movies Were Like It."
-Tom Miller, Constructor

"Wow!!! This movie leaves me with so much to ponder about life and our human existence!!! I was expecting a format similar to other metaphysical movies like "what the bleep" and "The Secret" & was pleasantly surprised that it was a story format, artfully woven with twists, turns, layers and intrigue. It drew me in and & had no idea 2+ hrs. had passed. The sound and visual effects were impactful and the music, a beautiful, mystical contribution throughout. Congratulations on a powerful, thought provoking and well crafted film."
-Deb Gee, Physical Therapy (Paint Mngt; Genetics), Fitness to Wellness.

"Very thought provoking, exceptional art. I literally left feeling more inspired and intrigued about our universe. Though a fictional tale, it is very related to all. Thank you very much. From our soul to yours."

"What a wonderful, thought-provoking film. I love the way you've combined Physics, Neuroscience & Mysticism into one beautiful story."
-John Blaiv, Retired Electronics Engineer

"Love this wonderful film - Awesome. So many similarities have seen in my life. One of our grandsons will totally flip over this. He is so spiritual and intelligent. I can't wait till this movie comes to the big screen. I see it. I know it. Bless you."
-Sue Blair

"Thanks for opening so many doors - really insightful - wonderfully put together."
-Krystal Ashling, Hospice Social Worker

"This movie has given me, above all else, solidity in my own beliefs. Also it gave me things to contemplate."
-Cameron Dyer

"Thank you for a very thought provoking story and the brief glimpse into the work of quantum physicists. Loved the music of the soundtrack. The acting was terrific."
-Michael Jeanfreau

"Very thoughtful, on the edge Film. Would like to see more !"
-Robert King, Retired

"I was reminded of the Fibonacci Sequence in Pinecones & Flowers, for instance. And if the many worlds theory is true, maybe life itself is a quantum entanglement."

"Wonderful film, so thought provoking. Who knows what the future holds!"
-Winters, Realtor

"Thank you for an ever thrilling theme . and thinking you leave me."
-Lourdes, Eternal Student (Nurse, Lab Tech, Aviating)

"A gentle story about some of the implications of science. Beautiful color & music, a little bit slower than I would have preferred but enjoyable as it gave me time to reflect."
-John Dulsey, Engineer Entrepreneur

"Very complex subjects put into an entertaining, easy to follow format. Makes you think."
-Diane Combs, Analyst

"Thank you!"
-Brian L Stilwell, Post Production Media

"The story is fascinating and the images are beautiful. It is a bit slow in place but I was so intrigued by the science that I stayed in it. I love that the ending brings the revelation of what this all means into the everyday world."
-Jennifer, Teacher & Trainer

"Fascinating! I don't know whether I want to talk through these ideas with a friend for the next three hours, or just forget these ideas and go have a beer. Oh, wait . I've already done both, Or have I? Truly, much to think about, Thank you !"
-Laurie Daven

"This truly was a mind bending experience. I think that if we look close enough there is proof."
-Bevi, Therapist

"I liked - The Music - Cinematography - Themes - Pacing - Sci-fi aspects."
-Anmol Hegde, Student

"A rebirth of the mind, soul + spirit. Through time is connected past, future & present. An eye-opening experience of life."
-Win Lam

"Such a fascinating combination of artistry, science, music and mysticism! It was thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking. Thank you."
-Tracy Drinkwater, Educator/Writer

"The story ideas were thought provoking, story was complete, and clear, actors & acting were beautiful."
-Steve Devos

"Compelling. It is a movie that I would watch over & over. I enjoyed it very much. Another "What the Bleep.""

"Thank you for the artistic expression of chaos, confusion, mysteries, and connections of life through these themes. It was very well woven and captivating throughout."

"MIND BLOWING. Loved it."
-Lavra HR, Professional/Writer

"AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The story line was woven together very well and came to a conclusion at the end that made sense."
-Lisa Landi

"One must see this suspense scientific astronomical neurological Hindustani classical and artistic film. Vocal music by Sweta Zhaveri in conclusion sums up the Wisdom. We found it most enjoyable!"
-Shantu Shah

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