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"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Wisdom Tree" tonight. It kept us glued to our seats for the entire time. There was pin drop silence in the theater, a testament to the movie. We enjoyed every twist and turn as it unfolded. I look forward to more wonderful work from in the future."
-Dr. Jags Powar

"It was a good story. And I love the art and music in the film. And seeing the similarities in Quantum mechanics, spirituality, art, music, and neuroscience. I love this bridging. It was also an emotionally strong movie."
-David Storoy, Consultant

"10/10. Well Done!"
-Christopher Krywulak

"The wisdom Tree is a beautiful multi-layered journey. It depicts the perfect blend of science and spirituality. It manages to engross the audience with its mysterious complexities and yet simplifies the emotions of a human being. Loved the expressions of talented cast. Movie stays with you long after you leave the theatre! Thanks for creating this masterpiece!"
-Shveta Hora

"I don't have words yet to respond to this. Perhaps it will take time to digest. My mind is kind of frozen - Not sure what to do with this. Interesting/appealing and disturbing, both. Beautiful. Baffling."

"Very thought provoking. Very good!"
-B. Weldon, Physician (Retired)

"Thought provoking! Very Interesting."
-Thomas Mindez, Physician

"Excellent production and acting. Thank you."

"The energy of the movie constantly kept me intrigued, spiked my heart and allowed my mind to expand even more. I felt amazing and enlightened during & after the viewing. Thank you so much for making this."
-Ashly Martin, U.S. Army

"The answer was given before the question was asked."
-Danny Bardwell, Tower Tech

"Great film. The music and art was lovely. Beautiful metaphors. Thank you."
-Devon Delaney, Teacher

"I believe that with enough of this kind of belief and wisdom our world might be saved."

"Loved it! Mystical and thought provoking."
-Pamela A. Veil, HR

"Very thought provoking. Loved the concept & movie. Enjoyed the film."
-Nitya Kansal

"Engaging & Enchanting. Love it."
-Priyanka Jain

"Great movie. Tackles a lot of questions around the past & the current science. Shown in a very engaging and fun way. A definite watch & a labor of love. Keep it up!"
-Parth Sethia

"Excellent representation of an abstract concept like quantum physics & eastern mysticism. Movie is out of the blue. Looking forward to more stuff from you."
-Vivek Prakash

"Gripping. Touching. Revealing. Musical. Exhilarating. Great job. Loved it."
-Siddharth & Kalpana

"A mind bending journey that opens doors into the mysteries beyond our limited ideas about causality, mind, self."
-Graham Bond, Media producer for Yoga

"Stunning visual effects, even though the topic itself can lead one to deeper searching that leads nowhere."

"Very enjoyable and well-done! One lesson I learned from having studied quantum physics is that the less I tried to understand it, the more I appreciate it. Therefore, I watched this movie with my ""right brain"" and it all made sense for me."
-Khalil Dalal, Computer Scientist & Jazz Musician

"A very gripping story which unfolds itself beautifully along the way. Great music and vocals."

"Very interesting. Kept me on the edge of my seat but a bit too deep for me to fully understand. Enjoyed the experience. Best of luck with the film!"
-Kelly Braun, Manager

"A different level of intelligence. Magnificent! Mind boggling! Eye opening!"
-Ballori Sengupta

"Very interesting concept. Impressive that this is an independent film, given all the vast range of locations, actors and graphics involved. Movie has a great pace! Sheetal Sheth has done exceptionally well as an actor. There are some pauses in some dialogues which could have been avoided to make the movie tighter."
-Neha Goyal

"Awesome. Something I have known since I was a child is now finally becoming main stream. Thank you, for making it public."
-Richard McFargana, CEO

"Very interesting concepts of what actually happens after death; while we sleep; how is the consciousness relevant in our thinking. I have related the movie to the Johari Window Theory, especially the unknown unknown."
-Nirala Maharaj, Manager

"Very well made. A good attempt to creating a blend in different theories. Very thought provoking."

"Very unusual, very different. Loved the idea of a parallel universe. I have had this idea for years in my head that we go to another universe when we sleep."
-Bhavini Parekh, Realtor

"Really, engrossing movie !!!"
-Maniesh Reddy

"Lots of fiction. Good movie. Very creative."
-Chaithra Reddy

"Thought provoking movie. Makes me question concepts of time and what reality is."

"Intense, takes a while to digest. Love It."
-Fay Klare

"Really thought provoking. I liked how it tried to connect multiple disciplines into one and portray it in such an objective manner. Definitely became a fan of Sunil Shah after watching the movie."
-Ankur Soni, Software

"The movie was very engaging. This sure did serve as my class 101 on quantum physics and aroused my curiosity in this field. Surely got food for thought to ponder on!"
-Anubha Knanijow

"Truly inspiring and thought provoking, a great example of where our questions are and could be going."
-Byron Fuller

"Great Movie. Very unique and have not seen any movie with this concept before. Mix of Science, Philosophy & Karma. Superb Direction & Photography."

"Profoundly intelligent. It was an interesting way to make art from such intricate stories."

"It was a fascinating piece of science fiction, very interesting & definitely raised some probing questions. Will look for the answers, in my own time . or maybe in another time & space . LOVELY WORK."
-Uruj Saeed, Media/Marketing/Events

"Inspiring and as the director said - Lesson 101 into a whole new unknown world. But somehow it makes me believe my mother when she tries to explain that she is in touch with her mom, after her death (or so called death ) - Parallel lives probably meet."
-Charu Arya

"Great insight into Quantum physics, well-presented and inspiring to learn more."

"Intriguing and thought provoking, loved how different fields have been brought together in this intellectually stimulating film. Different theories were presented very well for everyone to get an understanding. An Entertainer for the brain and the mind."
-Guru Mathur, Electrical Engineer

"The wisdom tree is an amazing effort of the director and producers put together very creatively and leaves audience with curiosity about the truth of life, moksha and more . Good luck for part II !!"
-Neha Kunte, Business Owner

"Very thought provoking and engaging. Focuses on the age-old debate about creation and the universe but in a way I've not experienced before on the screen."
-Fayyaz Ahmad

"Brilliant & Beautiful."
-Randy Wicks, Project Mgr.

"Very enjoyable. Interesting theory. Beautiful scenery. Thought provoking."
-Yuonne Podjar, Software Analyst

"This was a very interesting concept for a movie."
-Monica Noorhasan, Business/Floral Co. Owner

"It is a good door opener to other who are seeking to understand time infinity and the way the mind can wake its own reality. Interesting & thought provoking."
-Dr. Kappd, Psychologist

"I enjoyed the film. It really makes me think. Continued Success."
-Mattic M. Smith, Financial Services

"I love the movie. The acting was well done, and the plot was intriguing. A great Science film which takes fiction to a New level."
-Carlene Ross

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