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"Amazing brilliant and completely original. Mind blowing film which evokes many thoughts & feelings."
-Anushi Parikh

"Beautifully made movie on a very complex subject. Great job trying to create a story based on a scientific concept. Hope to see more movies of this type. Thank you."
-Sashikant Sathyanarayan

"This movie was a well-written spiritual mystery. This film captures your attention with new ideas and theories. I think that this movie was very good, and it makes you think that people can actually manipulate time and parallel universes. Very Good Film!"
-Casey McFarland

"Enjoyed the film - complexities of our worlds - real & unreal - very thought provoking. Thank you"
-Rekha Rao

"Interesting, off-beat, thought provoking!"
-Rohit Dhamankar, Computer Security

"Very amazing & thought-provoking movie! The sharing by the director, Eric who played Mike & the producers was very eye-opening. Uniquely brings together, & yet keeps them separate. Science & Spirituality - intertwines them rather than merging or claiming one is better or worse. Questions & the pursuit of these, the honest and genuine research in itself is the journey & the goal."

"A wonderful first step into the journey to find the mysteries of life!"
-Chintan Adhvaryu

"At first during the movie I felt lost. But as the movie ended, you realize that there is no set journey. Very Amazing way of starting to explain something so complex!"
-Amar Bhuta

"Excellent tackle for a hard concept to understand. I have a greater respect for our scientific and spiritual world."
-Dipesh Naran, Hotel Manager

"I thought it was wonderful. I love that it was true to real science and not pseudoscience. You should let people know that."
-Patty Falo, CPA

"Amazingly written film. Absolutely mind blowing. This concept really makes you think about yourself internally & spiritually."
-Crystal Bailey

"(1) Excellent Acting. (2) Brilliantly tied together Neurology, Quantum physics, & Art. (3) Middle beginning was more compelling. (4) Beginning moved a little slow. Try to put in major theaters."
-Evan Redentry, Completed BS in Physics Full time writer/thinker

"Beautiful story. Loved the painting! Such a profound message in the painting."
-Bridget Feeneg, Massage Therapist

"It was deeper than I expected. Free thinking minds involved. Very different in the near end/ All illusions became real. Unique."
-Herman Genshan

"A film that needed to be done, showing an existence above the 3rd dimension. Very Well Done !!!"
-Wayne LaChapelle

"There is a crease on my dress that I try to iron out. The cloth is stretched out and forced to be smoothed through heat and pressure. All the strands are straightened out and the crease is gone. But is it? The moment I put it on again its there and its not. It's there if I see it; if the light hits the dress in a certain way. Is it the crease or the memory of it ? This movie felt like such an experience."
-Prachee Behera, Engineer

"Very well made movie. Created curiosity. Interesting. Would like to watch it again. Thanks."
-Vani Vallabhanem

"Thank You for showing a story that I instinctively believe. I have felt that I have been in parallel universes. I believe that we are creating our reality & that frequency & vibrations is the structure we use to create the grand illusion. We are creating as ONE & as MANY at the same time."
-Emelie McDaniel, Own Garden Center

"Loved the movie. It does a wonderful job of bringing together, the interconnected disciplines of Quantum Physics, Spirituality, Neuroscience, Music & Art. It has definitely widened my perspective."
-Nanditha Sira

"Thought provoking. Excellent music."

"I enjoyed the movie. I will recommend other to watch the movie. I would like to buy DVD."
-Vasu V; Software Engineer.

"Incredible work. My mind is opened and curious for more connections & info presented in The Wisdom Tree."
-L. Johnson

"Wonderful movie! Thanks! All is one! I had been trying to explain the concept to my children, but found it hard to get the message to them. This movie hopefully made it easy for them to begin their journey."
-Uday Kulkarni, Management Consultant

"It was great!"
-Sahil Kulkarni, 9th grader

"Gripping story line, fabulous script kept my interest throughout. Very intriguing subject. Loved the Cast, they all performed fabulously !!! Superb classical music pieces/ Absolutely loved the movie. Thank you!"
-Shruti Kulkarni

"Loved the movie! Truly grateful for the wisdom I have learned! May the word be spread around the universe."
-Shreya Kulkarni, Student (UT Austin)

"This is intense. Only way to describe this experience. Very well done. This is definitely not for everyone and escapes concepts beyond a common mind, yet these are thoughts/concepts all must learn at some time."
-Prashant Sheth, Software

"Great movie! Need more Movies like this to educate the man."

"Great cinematography ! Very entertaining !"
-Jennifer Wood, Teacher

"I was reminded of the writings of Richard Bach."

"Very interesting concepts - expands the mind beyond the confines of time and space & makes us question our "Reality"."
-Jill Edwards

"Quantum physics and heart take you in many directions . Would like to see it again. Suspenseful. Wanting to know more."
-Gray Houston, Photography

"A beautiful must see film! I wish everyone could see it!"
-Eldon Decali, World Traveler-Gentleman of fortune

"Wow! How refreshing! The movie is going to be a big success. I had a mystic experience watching. I think Netflix might want to see this. The Wisdom Tree is a good topic for them. Sundance is waiting. A real movie for a change will be loved by all people. I will be reflecting for days. I will tell everyone."
-Robi Burlin, Life & Aum.

"This event has been seamless from ticket purchase six weeks ago through pick up at the theatre. Enjoyed the way the story was told, camera shots, angles and tight shots on faces. Characters were interesting and I wanted to find out more about them. I like the metaphysical aspects. Think the time is right for a film on this topic. More math would be good. Perhaps dance and movement. Thank you for making this movie!"
-Carla Moon, Retired Teacher

"Wonderful concepts and beautiful film. Artists will awaken the world when all politicians fail. Keep doing such lovely work! Warmest Regards."
-Anonymous, Interpreter for the deaf

"I love films that make me think about/question what I perceive is reality, I feel like "The Wisdom Tree" tilted my perspective so that I can see other possibilities"
-Theresa Desseaux, Web Designer/Developer

"The Wisdom Tree was an interestingly complex journey into the world of the metaphysical - science meets spirituality. The known meets the unknown. The left brain meets the right brain. Ultimately the film was deeply hopeful in its question "do you really need answers?"
-Neil Thekdi, Student

"I am leaving with more questions than answers! Great film. Every film maker should strive to make the audience want more! You accomplished that beautifully. Really enjoyed and looking forward to part 2!"
-Sonar Thekdi

"Fascinating! I am on a similar path myself for the last 10 years, so can relate to it. Great work on the story and tying so much science and spirituality together. We need more champions for this kind of a union, so thanks again."
-Pratish Shah, Explorer

"It is very exciting to see a film focusing on new theories of science and art and music and their connections. We need to understand the implications of these new ideas."
-Heidi Page, Artist, Shamanic healing practitioner"

"Intriguing confusing and fascinating. A movie that the more you watch it, the more layers you peel."
-Abbey Schlageter

"Still mind blowing the second viewing time around. Love the complexity weaved into one story. A must see!"
-Khanie Ha, Chinese Medicine Student

"Very deep. I may have to read the script to get more inner meanings. Extremely entertaining, finished the entire bucket of popcorn! Definitely need to pay attention to enjoy completely."

"Brilliant. Thought - provoking"
-Kaneh, Student

"It was very interesting and a good combination of theories. Consciousness is real but everything also is an illusion."
-Mario Arcllano, Student

"A very inventive and interesting film. Truly a puzzle to wrap the mind around. Really enjoyed it."

"Very Intriguing."
-Doc Vaidyanathan, S/W Manager

"This film was AMAZING! It opened my mind to a lot of new ideas that I've never been aware of and reminded me of a lot of conversations I have with my mother. It would be great if we could arrange a way to screen this film down in Los Angeles. This would open and bring awareness to a lot of people in my home town."
-Jazmine Shelton, Community Program Assistant UCSC

"A curious venture that will leave you with questions, for days to come. A movie that blends science and religion perfectly."
-Brandon Douglas, Student

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