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"...an earnest attempt to combine Eastern mysticism and Western science... a mind-warping sci-fi."
-The Oregonian

"Congratulations to Sunil Shah on producing such a beautiful film. I was very happy to hear that he was inspired by my book “The Tao of Physics.” Even though I am not a fan of science fiction, I found watching the film captivating and enjoyable."
-Dr. Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., Scientist, Educator, Activist and Author of international bestsellers including “The Tao of Physics”

"A Mystery to Solve All Mysteries."
-Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author of the best-selling series “Conversations With God”

"...this spiritual, sci-fi drama belongs in your home theater library. The mystery's answers are within."
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-Science Of Mind Magazine: Guide for Spiritual Living

"This is an amazing movie blending science and fiction in such a way that you can hardly tell where fiction ends and science begins and vice versa. The author-director Sunil Shah is sensitive to nuances of both quantum physics and a compelling storyline."
-Amit Goswami, Quantum Physicist and the Author of “The Self-Aware Universe” and “The Everything Answer Book”

"The Wisdom Tree is a seamless blend of quantum physics, spirituality, art, music and neuroscience... Fun to watch and challenging to everyday beliefs, you may find yourself watching this movie more than once."
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-Light of Consciousness: Journal of Spiritual Awakening

"This is a captivating and ultimately beautiful film on many levels. I watched it with increasingly deep engagement paralleling the deepening mysteries in the plot. It is powerfully engaging, in part because the characters were so well developed and so well played. That is especially important in this film because getting to "know" and like these people allowed the increasing strangeness of their story to slip into believability. I appreciate the intent, which only becomes evident when the mystery has matured, to teach us about the value of love and connection, and the ultimate unity of our multifaceted universe."
-Roger Nelson, Ph.D., Director, The Global Consciousness Project
(Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab At Princeton University)

"The film focuses on the philosophical nature of existence... This thought-provoking film takes you on a transformative journey, pushing you to explore the nature of existence and reality."
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-New Connexion, Pacific Northwest's Journal of Conscious Living

"Wonderful metaphorical film. I like the way you pointed out the paradoxes in modern physics together with how they reflect in life. I loved the color palette, art and  music in the film. Very unique sci-fi. Thank you for the lovely work!!! So much to enjoy and think about."
-Russell Targ, Physicist, well-known author, holds two NASA awards for inventions in lasers.

"For those seeking answers of their own, this film – though a work of fiction – may nevertheless shed valuable light on finding one’s own way. Existence may prove to be far different – and far more incredible – than any of us may have imagined. And “The Wisdom Tree” shows us how, entertaining and enlightening us along the way."
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-Brent Marchant, Film Reviewer, Radio Correspondent, Conference Presenter and Author of Award-Winning Book “Get the Picture?!: Conscious Creation Goes To The Movies”

"The invisible mysteries of quantum physics are finally made visible in this baffling murder mystery that tests the limits of your reasoning as much as the quantum physics upon which it is based."
-Drew Heriot, Director of “The Secret”

"A multi-dimensional, multi-layered, multi-interpretation story of multiverses. It is or it isn’t or it is and isn’t? What is reality? And what is illusion? Ever deepening suspense, filled with quotes from Vedas, Upanishads, Buddhism, Jainism’s Syaadvad, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Neuroscience, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Shankaracharya…"
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-Renowned Gujarati Author and Playwright, Madhu Rye in Divya Bhaskar

"Great Film! Thank you for your work."
-Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Stem Cell Biologist, Author, Speaker

iTV's Renee Lobo talks to Writer & Director Sunil Shah and Producer Renu Vora.
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"I love seeing this courageous venture into entertainment from the perspective of a new world view. Instead of 'talking about' the confluence of spiritual insight and quantum science, we get to experience it directly—through the magic of cinema."
-Dianne Collins, Author of the worldwide bestseller, “Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World”

Janet Conner (Unity FM) talks to Writer & Director Sunil Shah as part of The Soul Directed Life series.
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"Info on the film says this: " The film heavily relies on - and attempts to bind - theories and doctrines, as well as hypotheses, from science and math, music, art, philosophy, mysticism, spirituality and intra-disciplinary possibilities, to create an engaging whole."  I can say YES!!!!  What a wonderful way to stir up new thoughts, or raise some old ones, in regards to all of life and life's mysteries... I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have had to bring this beautiful film into the hearts and mind of our community. Blessings."
-Reverend Barbara Wuest, New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

"The Wisdom Tree Challenges Indian American Actress Sheetal Sheth"
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-India West

"A deeper reality beyond duality is revealed in this ambitious filmic exploration where Eastern Mysticism meets Western Science. Our audience at SAND enjoyed the journey of this courageous mind-bender."
-Zaya & Maurizio Benazzo, Founders and Organizers of the Science & Nonduality Conferences

Daniel Davis of Beyond 50 Radio talks to Writer & Director Sunil Shah.

"The film is a masterpiece on so many levels, Mr. Shah. The music creating the patterns in the painting. Brilliant. And the patterns in the painting being fractals of All That Is. (My addition to what you lifted up.)"
-Rabbi Debra Kolodny, Executive Director of Nehirim

"Film harmonizes eastern mysticism & quantum physics"
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-India West

"The Wisdom Tree is a brave attempt to depict, through the medium of a dramatic thriller, that events do not occur as they might ordinarily seem and in doing so, takes inspiration from both modern Quantum Physics and ancient Eastern Mysticism. The quest to solve a mysterious car accident leads the protagonists down a path of parallel lives, time slips and quantum entanglements - reaching conclusions that are almost beyond belief. Except they fit current scientific theories regarding the boundaries of what is truly possible in our universe. The Wisdom tree is a journey beyond normal human perceptions and will get you asking questions about the nature of reality and even your own existence."
-Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MD, Award-Winning International Speaker, Author

Radio Azad interviews lead actress Sheetal Sheth.

"An amazing, experiential journey into the intersection of age old spiritual insights and cutting edge quantum physics weaving itself into the loops and synchronicities of everyday life. An astoundingly creative work that will leave me pondering for a long time to come."
-Austin Hill Shaw, Author on Creativity & Innovation, Architect, Designer, Speaker

"The Wisdom Tree is an intriguing and inspiring lyrical poem expressed in a film medium and executed with a neat breath-taking finesse. It depicts the mind-blowing modern day advances in Science, Art and Philosophy, that are not only erasing the rigid walls of separation amongst them as distinct fields but also pointing out to a compelling convergence of these diverse strands..."
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-Dr. Ramesam Vemuri
(Dr. Vemuri's current interests include research in the border areas of Physics and Metaphysics. He published several articles in this area. He rendered into English a few philosophical works. He also authored the book, Religion Demystified: Understanding Life's Mysteries in terms of Latest Scientific Findings)

"Little did we know that we would be BLOWN AWAY by how good it was. It had everything: suspense, drama, sci-fi elements, quantum physics....but most importantly it got us emotionally invested and held our attention throughout the entire film. The script was exceptional and the acting superb."
-Chris Curran & Dan Hollis, The Wisdom Trackers Radio Show Hosts

"While it is not your typical popcorn flick, it certainly manages to give your grey cells a work out... "
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-Diya TV USA interviews lead actors, director & producers

"I deeply enjoyed the Wisdom Tree. Science and religion were a bad marriage. That’s behind us. Science and spirituality however is a hot date. Foundations for a new paradigm are being laid in this wonderful film that offers a holistic view of cutting edge concepts unfolding in a beautiful story."
-Mark Basham, Author, Artist, Musician

"The Wisdom Tree nudges us to awaken to possibilities, acts as a catalyst for us to learn and seek more and almost reassures us that it will all be okay."
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-L.I. Yoga Mag

"I applaud the filmmaker for taking on such a complex topic and presenting it in a clear and interesting way. Thank you."
-Ilonka Wloch, Editor, Positive News

Awesome TV interviews actresses Sheetal Sheth, Jessica Raaum Foster and others during film's NY screening.
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"One of the key messages is about retro-causality. I think it is a very interesting concept, where something that is likely to happen... happens in the past... It's an absolutely moving moving movie."
-Prof. Dr. Jagdish Sheth, Renowned Scholar and Internationally Recognized Thought Leader, Emory University, Atlanta, USA

"Sheetal Sheth is a neuroscientist in Sunil Shah's 'The Wisdom Tree'."
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-American Bazaar

"It is unlike anything I have ever experienced & it moved me on deep levels. I sat there with my eyes wide open & tears streaming down my face throughout. I sat in stunned silence for a few minutes after the film ended, unable to move. I am not being dramatic.
There was mysticism , spirituality, quantum physics, neuroscience, all interspersed with a good mystery & engaging story line. The actors are amazing as well.
You will never have seen anything like this before, I am confident in saying. One week after seeing this movie I still feel it's impact & feel changed by it."
-Premet Michaele

"Exploring The Wisdom Tree."
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-Kala Blog - Explore Your Spirit

"Wonderful! I love the mental, emotional and meta-physical exercise in exploring the mind and concepts of reality... Only to release and be open to infinite possibilities!"
-Reverend Rodney Gittens, Minister, One Love Center For Spiritual Living, Brooklyn, New York

"Went to see The Wisdom Tree Film Yesterday. I highly recommend you see it when it comes to your area! It is a most interesting story that gives great insight into Quantum Physics and our world that we live in. It will expand your mind and your thought processes. It is like the advanced version of The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy. Sunil did an excellent job on this very informative film. The story will keep you engaged and you will learn things you most likely have never thought of."
-Esateys Stuchiner, Guru, Speaker, Spiritual Leader

"As an avid movie watcher, it is a real treat to view a film that presents something to think about long after I've left. This film did a remarkable job of bringing together ideas across a multitude of disciplines; physics, medicine, spirituality, art, and music and presents a strong basis for interconnectedness of all things. It was well produced (for its limited budget, per Director, Sunil Shah) and the actors do a great job in pulling you into the mystery and keeping the audience engaged in the storyline. The film presents ideas which encourage dialogue and further debate. Well done and much appreciated ~ thank you!"
-Lisa Sudo

"This is a small movie tackling a big subject and doing it well indeed! As the mystery unfolds, we are drawn through the journey alongside the three main characters. A subject that so often seems dry and difficult - quantum physics -- is woven into the story and as it unfolds, so do grand possibilities usually only addressed in spirituality or scientific dialogs. I went to this movie expecting to pick up a few thoughts on quantum physics, and I did, but the surprise was the story -- nicely told! Go for the story, go for the ideas. Go for both."

"This film is a gift for all of us. It will play an important role in humanity's evolution..."
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-Donna Nikzi, Teacher, Traveller, Explorer

"Thank you for this rare, insightful & entertaining movie !!*!! After almost a lifetime of metaphysical, artistic & holistic study, I have learned new possibilities from this. I am committed to promoting it..."
-Cynthia Schwell

"...found it to be a one of a kind experience -- bold, heartfelt and beyond all expectations..."
-Mickey Cottrell, Actor, Producer, Publicist

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